Issue 3: The Suburbs of Berlin

Issue 3: The Suburbs of Berlin

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Arcades Magazine 'The Suburbs of Berlin' Issue 3

202 pages on the suburbs of Berlin
+ 32 special pages on the Ruhr by Johann Husser
+ a poster by Kyra Sophie
+ a portfolio zine by Théo Casazza

Contributors include Andréa Montano, Callum Leo Hugues, Clara Nebeling, Johann Husser, Kyra Sophie, Marija Mihailova, Théo Casazza, Vivek Vadoliya, Wendy Huynh

Featuring Marzahn, Postdam, Karlshorst, Dong Xuan Center, Tobias Bergmann from RT.CO, Berlin Community Radio, Hien Le, Ping Pong Country Club; Hystereo, Neukölln, Jessica J. Lee, Berlin lakes and the Ruhr area.

Limited edition of 350 copies